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College Station, TX
Altitude College Station is coming soon!

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Online booking will be available soon for Altitude Trampoline Park of College Station. Like us on Facebook to get the most current details about when the park will open!

    • Single Trampoline Jump Rates
    • Single Jumper Rates

    • 60 Minutes:  $12.95
    • 120 Minutes:  $19.95
    • 180 Minutes:  $25.95
    • Add one 2nd hour $7.95
    • Add one 3rd hour $5.95
    • 6 and Under 1 hour$9.95
    • Altitude Trampoline Socks (required): $2 per pair 
    • Trampoline Toddler Time
    • Toddler Time

    • $6.95/hr per child, $2/hr for 1 adult
    • Monday - Friday from 10:00am - 2:00pm
    • Except for weekends, holidays and school vacations
    • We are open to the general public at this time, but sections of our main court areas may be coned off for toddlers depending on capacity.
    • Trampoline Teen Night - Billerica, MA
    • Teen Night

    • Friday Night Frindzy (7-10pm)$16.95
    • (Saturday) Teen Night (7-11pm)$16.95
    • Please note on-line purchase of Teen Night is for 3 hours (7pm - 10pm). If you miss the 7pm deadline you can still purchase 2 hours at the park.  Teen night is designed for children 13-17 years.
    • Family Fun Pack
    • Family Fun Pack

    • 2 adults, 2 children $47.95 (60 minutes)
    • Fitness

    • Kid to jump along $5
    • Frequent Jumper Pass

    • 5 hr (includes 6th free) $67.95
    • 10 hr (includes 11th free) $119.95
    • Extra Birthday Party Jumper

    • $16.95

Trampoline Safety Jump socks are required for all jumpers, they can be purchased at the park for $2 and may be reused.

Tips for an easy check in:
  • Fill out a waiver ahead of time! (coming soon)
  • Waivers can ONLY be filled out by an adult 18-years or older. All jumpers 17-years old and younger MUST have a parent or guardian fill out their waiver. 
  • First time Jumpers must bring in a valid form of identification to verify their waiver. For those 17-years and younger the parent or guardian that filled out their waiver must be present to verify their waiver with a photo ID in order to jump. (After a waiver has been verified with a photo ID, 17 years and younger do not need a parent or guardian to be present until the waiver expires in one year. )
  • Watch our Safety Video prior to arrival so you can start jumping right away!


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